Laying the foundations for global health care

BHI is attacking the poverty of mean aspirations:
the acceptance of decaying and poorly built health-care infrastructure as inevitable and intolerable.

— Dr. Paul Farmer, Co-founder, Partners in Health

With our partners, we design and build high-quality health-care facilities in under-served and impoverished regions of the world.

We partner only with organizations committed to the public health system to ensure that ...

  • the highest quality care available is provided in a dignified and compassionate manner

  • such care will be accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay

  • the facility complements and adds to the national — and global — public health-care infrastructure


We have a unique approach, combining hands-on construction know-how with experience working in resource-constrained areas, training community members to staff and maintain facilities, and providing ongoing managerial support. 

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Get Involved

Are you in the design community, building trades, or the medical profession? Do you manufacturer or have surplus building materials or medical equipment? Learn how we use volunteers and in-kind donations to help us achieve our mission.

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