Maternal and Neonatal Health Center Finished

Gabriel Woolf-Sullivan Project Engineer Writes:

To those who have contributed,

I happy to announce that after 14 months of construction and 3 years since the start, the Maternal and Neonatal Health Center is as of this moment completed and ready to see patients. Tomorrow is the inauguration, and attending will be the first lady of Haiti as well as Haiti's Health Minister. Patients will then be seen soon there after.

There were so many people who have contributed to the project; we have worked with several hundred local labors and tradesman, and in my exhaustion I could find 38 emails for the the foreigners that have worked on this project (please pass this along to those who I could not find there email at the moment). Both groups have been tremendous and have made finishing this project a breeze. From my first day here, I've been impressed how quick everyone is to hard work, and equally quick to laughter. Honestly, what makes me far more happy then the opening was watching all the skills I've seen our staff pick up. Most came to this job with little construction experience and many now have at least an excellent start in skills from carpentry to glazing, some far more then a start. My biggest thanks to the foreigners is for your patients and willingness to teach everyone here. It can be so much easier to just do the skilled work yourself, but time and time again I saw you all slowing down and handing over the tools to one of our labors, who had not only never seen such a tool, but didn't even speak the same language, and then keeping with it when the second or third pass still wasn't quite right. I am also overjoyed to say that we have had no serious injuries, and other then a bruised foot and a couple of burns, almost no injuries at all.

Conor pointed out today the large number of expecting mothers coming through the center with their children. In the rush to finish, I had not slowed down to notice why they were there, but when I did you could see how they were telling their children with pride that there next sibling was going to be born here.

Mèsi anpil and I look forward to working with you all on the projects to come,