Meet Vladimir Jude Vincent one of the unsung heroes of the BHI Team in Haiti

When Erik Benson first met Vladimir it was over 2 years ago while working University Hospital at Mirebalais.  Erik could tell there was something different about Vladimir.  Vladimir approached Erik at the entrance of the hospital and said "Hello sir my name is Vladimir Vincent and I wanted to introduce himself."  He had been waiting at the hospital since 5AM and he didn't directly ask Erik for a job, instead he asked Erik to "think of him."  Vladimir isn't a big guy and he openly admitted that he had no training in construction.  At this time Erik wasn't looking for someone but it's always helpful to have a translator (language/culture) and Vladimir promised he could really work hard to help us.  He was hired two days later and instantly exceeded expectations and brought dynamic energy to the work site every day.

Vladimir is a formal but easy going guy and despite Erik's efforts he still refers to Erik as "Sir."  Every morning when work begins, on the Maternal Health Center at St. Boniface Hospital, Vladimir is the first one onsite.  He checks in with contractors, opens our tool depots, organizes the laborers for the day and keeps Erik updated on the progress.  The BHI teams depends on him for a lot and he takes his responsibilities seriously and in stride.  Vladimir just turned 40 but appears ageless but has seen his fair share of adversity, but through all his trials he has emerged gracious and helpful.  

Build Health Internationals (BHI) is a team and each member plays a part in our successes and helps us overcome setbacks.  Vladimir is an important team member and he continues to bring a relentless work ethic to the jobsite daily.