Projects in Progress

PIH has projects in five African countries, and BHI provides support — most often planning and technical assistance — to four of the five. The work in each is very different, with projects tailored to the host country's unique needs.

Partners in Health/liberia

In November 2014, PIH began an intensive six-month effort to contain an Ebola outbreak by staffing treatment centers and training community health workers. Following that successful emergency response, PIH committed to a long-term effort to build out the country's health-care infrastructure and develop an "accompaniment" approach to citizen education and health care, with community health workers at the core. PIH also provides technical assistance and training to medical staff in several regions. 

BHI's current work for PIH in Liberia

  • New Construction: Planning for new 170-bed tertiary care teaching hospital in Harper County.
  • Improvements: Planning for renovations to JJ Dossen Hospital.
  • Improvements: Complete overhaul of generator and electrical distribution systems at JJ Dossen Hospital.

Partners in Health/malawi

Malawi has not only high maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS infection rates but also a woefully inadequate network of facilities with free or low-cost health care. Since PIH began working in the Neno District in 2007, it has built hospitals and clinics, as well as specialized treatment centers, and established outreach programs with trained village health workers.  In addition, PIH has started job training and employment programs for its neediest patients — addressing the poverty that is often the root cause of ill health.

BHI's current work for PIH in Malawi

  • New Construction: Planning for Neno Regional Training Center.
  • Project Support: Support and technical assistance to the Malawi team on facilities management, provided by a BHI construction manager based in Neno.
  • Project Support: Technical training for the Malawi team provided by BHI-affiliated electricians, plumbers, and other professionals.

Partners in Health/RWANDA

Ten years after the genocide that reduced life expectancy in Rwanda to fewer than 40 years, PIH agreed to help create a national health-care system. PIH has since constructed a new hospital, with extensive specialized services and medical training programs; it now also provides support to two additional hospitals, 42 health centers, and 7,200 community health workers. In partnership with Harvard Medical School, PIHrecently launched the University of Global Health Equity, offering a master's degree in science for students committed to providing high-quality health care for impoverished communities.

BHI's current work for PIH in Rwanda

  • Project Support: Consulting for master planning for Butaro Hospital to expand to national cancer center.
  • New Construction: Planning and engineering for Rwanda’s first radiation treatment center, to be built at Butaro Hospital and to house two LINAC machines.
  • New Construction: Consulting and support for design and planning for PIH’s new pan-African medical school — the University of Global Health Equity.

Partners in Health/SIERRA LEONE

PIH's work in Sierra Leone began with an emergency: the Ebola outbreak in late 2014. Focusing on two "hotspots," PIH staffed hospitals, clinics, and other facilities and trained 1,000+ community health workers. Now that it is contained, the organization is working with local and national agencies on strengthening the existing health-care network. Its primary focus has been on providing screenings and care for uveitis, a debilitating eye disease that is a complication of Ebola. PIH is also treating patients across the country, stocking pharmacies, helping survivors with job training and other services, and repairing and renovating existing health-care facilities.

BHI's current work for PIH in Sierra Leone

  • Improvements: Planning for renovations to five buildings at Koidu Government Hospital (KGH).
  • Improvements: Complete overhaul of KGH’s generator and electrical distribution systems.
  • Planning: Clinical, architectural, and engineering master plan for KGH being led by BHI.
  • New Construction: Planning for staff housing in Kono. 
  • Improvements: Complete overhaul of Port Loko Government Hospital (PLGH) generator and electrical distribution systems.