what we offer OUR PARTNERS

Feasibility and master planning

Often starting at the earliest, first-idea stage, we map the path, the cost, the partnerships, the resources, and the planning needed to make concepts realities.

Coordination of architecture and engineering

We bring our knowledge of what is effective and sustainable in resource-constrained environments to inform work being done by the architects, engineers, and clinicians with whom we collaborate.

Oversight and management of construction

Our process delivers high-quality projects that are appropriate in all ways to their surroundings and that are on time and on (or under) budget.

Facilitation of procurement, donations, shipping, installation

We manage all phases of securing and distributing donations of new or refurbished equipment — not just construction equipment and materials but also medical equipment, devices, and furniture.

Development of a facilities maintenance team

Partially used, closed, or poorly functioning facilities are all too common in impoverished countries. With a well-trained local facilities team in place, our buildings will deliver the promised services for years to come.

Priority for sustainability

Our facilities are sustainable in their specific environments, whether we have applied our expertise in solar power or in low-tech waste water treatment or both. We continually analyze real-world conditions on the ground and shape our plans, designs, and processes to respond to them.