Our "Wish List"

One of the most effective ways we reduce costs on our projects (and maximize value) is by soliciting donations of new, gently used, or refurbished items:

  • medical and laboratory equipment
  • construction materials and equipment
  • furnishings for hospital offices, waiting rooms, other areas
  • salvaged items from building sites

With experience, we have learned what we can most use. And we pick up.

If you can help with any of these items, please contact Zac Chase, Director of Partnerships, at (978) 969-0920 or zchase@buildhealthinternational.org.

Thank you. 

Material & Equipment Needs

Used Construction Material & Furniture:
(Note:  NEW construction materials also needed and appreciated)
Cabinets and P-Lam Counters
Doors/Metal (7’ high with varying widths; hinge pattern to match De La Fontaine frames only; no frames)
Doors/Wood (7’ high with varying widths; no frames)
Double-Acting Doors
Grab Bars
Lead-lined Glass
Stainless Steel Sinks
Stainless Steel Corner Guards
Scaffolding and Ladders
Toilet Partitions
Unused Wall & Floor Tile
Gently Used & New Small Tools in Working Condition

Medical Equipment & Medical Furniture:
(Note: We have high demand for most maternal and child health-care equipment)
Anesthesia Machines
Ambu Bags (pediatric with pop-off valves)
Analog Portable Units
Rolling Lead Shields
Baby Warmers
Beds with Mattresses (rolling hospital beds)
Bed-side Tables
Bio Hazard Waste Containers
Birthing Beds
Blood Pressure Sets/BP Cuffs (adult, mercury)
Blood Pressure Sets/BP Cuffs (infant)
Bilirubin Photo-therapy Lights and Blankets
Cabinets with Glass Doors
Clinic Supply Boxes
Clocks with Second Hand
Commercial Refrigerators
Consulting Lights (rolling)
Crash Carts
Defibrillators: AED, CardioServe
Diagnostic Set
EKG Machines
Endotracheal Tubes 2.5
Endotracheal Tube 3.0
Endotracheal Tube 3.5
Equipment Tables
Examination Lights
Exam Tables
Exam Tables with Stirrups
Exam Stools
ECG Machines
Gauges for Oxygen Tank
Glucose Monitoring System with GMS Strips
High-Back Patient Chairs
Hospital Curtains
Hospital Linens (box)
Infant Warmers
IV Poles & Pumps (adult)
IV Poles & Pumps (infant)
Low-Flow O2 Meters
Laboratory Equipment

Centrifuges and Drives
Lab Incubators
Olympus Microscopes
Orbital Shakers
Pill Counters
Pipettes Checkers
Sysmex Machines
Test Tube Racks
Test Tubes
Vitros Machine Equipment
Laryngoscope (adult, infant)
Maternity Recliners
Mayo Stands
Measuring Tapes
Medication Carts
Med Refrigerators
Mobile Blood Pressure Unit
Mobile Rolling Stands
Monitors in Working Condition: Dash 3/4000 (Patient Monitor); GE Carescape V-100; Infant Monitors; Anesthesia Monitors
Mucous Extractor Bulbs
Neonatal Infusion Pumps
Neonatal Masks
Neonatal CPAP Machines
O2 Hoods
Over-the-bed Tables
Combo Opthalmoscopes/Otoscopes
Oxygen Regulators with Carts
PACs Medical Imaging Quality Monitors
Patient Scales
Pedi Thermometers
Photo-therapy Units
Pulse Oxymeters
Radiant Warmers
Resuscitation Kits
Resuscitation Tables
Scales (adults, patient)
Scales (infant)
Sharps Containers
Small Cabinets for Medicines
Stethoscopes (adult)
Stethoscopes (infant)
Stretchers on Wheels for Transport to OR
Suction Machines
Under-the-counter Refrigerators
UV Lights
Warming Lights
Washing and Dryer Machines
Well-Baby Bassinets
Wheel Chairs

Other Furniture & Equipment
Cabinets with Glass Doors
Conference Room Tables
Filing Cabinets
Fire Extinguishers (no cabinets)
Four-burner Stoves
Metal Shelving
Metro Shelving