A message from Jim Ansara, BHI Co-Founder and Executive Director

With the coronavirus spreading quickly, I am concerned for my family and I am sure you are too. I am encouraged that communities across the US are banding together to protect the most vulnerable among us, but what about the world’s most vulnerable?

At Build Health International, we are extremely concerned about the threat that COVID-19 poses to low-resource countries. As BHI co-founder and CEO, Dr. David Walton, recently wrote, “history has demonstrated that disease almost always affect the poor disproportionately, and COVID-19 is primed to do the same.”

Build Health International exists to serve the healthcare needs of the poor by building high-quality health infrastructure in global settings. Right now, we are assisting our partners in preparing for and responding to the onslaught of COVID-19 – assessing their infrastructure needs, building treatment centers, and designing protocols for infection control. Preparedness also means ensuring that vital care for other health needs can continue in well-designed and equipped facilities. Everyone deserves dignified, comprehensive health care no matter where they were born.

Can you help us extend our services to help our partners in 20 countries get ahead of the curve?

In recent weeks, we have seen the virus overwhelm health systems that are far more robust and better resourced than the communities where BHI serves. Initial reports show that up to 20% of COVID-19 patients require hospitalization. What will be the impact of the disease in communities where other health risks, like HIV or Tuberculosis, are high? Or in health systems that are already strained with extremely limited ICU capacity? In Haiti, we estimate fewer than 15 ICU beds for the whole country. There is a short window of time before COVID-19 emerges with virulent force in low-resource countries.

We are seeing, repeatedly, how access to reliable and appropriate health infrastructure is essential to saving lives and managing the spread of COVID-19. Please join me and the team at Build Health International in helping the world’s most vulnerable.

In solidarity,

Jim Ansara
Co-Founder and Executive Director


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